MyRoute-app – Routeplanner

The MyRoute-app is the chosen and recommended Route planner for WAM members. WAM have a group membership that is administered by the committee members, but any WAM member can install the MyRoute-app basic edition and utilise the routes loaded by club members – (see below for difference between Basic and Gold Editions)

The majority of the club-rides will be planned and added to the WAM MyRoute-app group and will remain available as a catalogue of saved rides.

The sections below will give a few HINTS & TIPS for the novice MyRoute-app user – if any member wants to add any advice or tips, please email them to and they can be verified and added to this section.

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Introduction to MyRoute-app

Export Routes via MyRoute-app

Upload routes in MyRoute-app

Social Functions in MyRoute-app

Find and use routes in MyRoute-app

The difference between Basic & Gold

Creating Routes in MyRoute-app

Difference  between routes & tracks

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