Wolverhampton Advanced Motorcyclists (WAM) – The Club Structure

WAM is the Wolverhampton based Advanced Motorcycle Training Club affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM Roadsmart). The club is run by a Committee of volunteers who dedicate their time towards promoting the best training we can provide. We have a strong training /Observing team with the objective of delivering advanced level training.


Whether you are a motorcyclist that has been riding for years, or have recently passed your test, or maybe returning to riding after a long break, the training is designed to promote a level of better/safer riding with heightened road awareness, this is mixed with an enjoyable journey towards becoming an advanced rider.

IAM RoadSmart riding for your safety 

WAM advanced rider training is underpinned with the IAM Roadsmart training program that has been designed to identify a set of competency statements that an advanced rider must fulfil to be operating at the required level. 

Each competency statement has an expanded explanation to help you understand it and it offers a road map to the skills required. 

It is the expertise and passion of your observer that will bring the text to life and allow you to develop your riding to a standard that encourages enjoyment and allows you to promote safe sharing of road space. By encouraging improved information gathering through effective Observation, Anticipation and Planning and a systematic approach to hazard management you will always have time to deal effectively with situations that present themselves on the road. 

During your development detailed explanation in the areas of rider skills requiring development will be given by your observer as you progress through the course.  


*** Click image on the right for full details of the “WAM Training Programme

Our aim is to develop a rider who is in the correct position on the road at the right speed with an appropriate gear engaged and ready to respond to changing information. Operation of the controls should be assured and confident to keep the ride Safe, Systematic and Smooth. Restraint should be balanced with progress allowing the ride to flow. The ride should display the ‘quiet efficiency’ of an advanced rider, a successful candidate will be more aware than an average rider and will plan their ride to promote safe sharing of the road. A sound understanding of what other road users require, how vulnerable road users may need extra space and the limitations of our own machine and other vehicles on the road will give the confidence to interact safely.
The Bigger Picture

Advanced motorcyclists should be able to ride in a safe, smooth and efficient manner at all times. Through good Observation, Sensible anticipation and accurate Planning (OAP) combined with sound operation of their machine’s controls, they should enjoy a comfortable, progressive ride while maintaining safety. Modern riding aids such as satellite navigation systems, anti-lock braking and traction control systems are becoming more commonplace; used correctly, they can complement the skills of an advanced rider and enhance the overall riding experience. Appropriate use of such technology should therefore be encouraged. Combining well developed skills and understanding with developments in technology should

make you into a ‘thinking rider’ and create a safer more enjoyable riding experience.