Welcome to Wolverhampton Advanced Motorcyclists (WAM) –  Group Code : 3238


Wolverhampton Advanced Motorcyclists is an advanced riders group and registered charity. Run by, and made up of passionate and enthusiastic volunteer members the group has been active since the year 2000. The groups observing team follow the IAM Roadsmart – Advanced Rider Course. So whether you’re a born again biker returning to riding on a larger, more powerful machine or just love riding and want to be the best and safest rider that you can be, WAM can deliver the course for you.


WAM provide one to one allocated Observers to all Associates for the duration of the course. These volunteers will not ask for any expenses other than a hot or cold drink at the end of every session. We’re sure that you agree that this offers fantastic value for money.


The course aims to give riders the ability to : 


  • Gain Confidence and New Riding Skills
  • Learn Safer Riding Techniques
  • Understand and appreciate your motorcycles full capabilities
  • Be the best rider you can be
  • Obtain an Advanced Qualification
  • Meet like-minded Bikers
  • Obtain IAM advanced status (Advanced pass, F1rst pass and Masters Rider)
  • Attend regular club ride-outs
  • Obtain Competitive Insurance – with IAM approved Insurers
  • Attend Social Events


Qualifications you can obtain during your time with WAM. 
Click badges below for further info.
If you ride a bike, be it just for fun at the weekend, or every day, you can improve your riding style and safety with the help of WAM and the IAM.


Wishing you happy and safe riding