How to Join

Why Join and Train with WAM and the IAM?

IAM training aims to improve both your skill as a motorcyclists and road user and make you more aware of your machine and how to handle it. It is the best way of starting back after a layoff or improving your overall skills, as it will give you confidence and reward your efforts by presenting you with a certificate and membership to the IAM after you have passed your test.

Additional Benefits:

The IAM also has a special agreement with Adelaide Insurance by which those who have passed their IAM test can be offered up to 25% discount on their bike insurance.

The other side to WAM is that we go out on fortnightly Sunday ride outs and on the social side we have a social and committee night that takes place every month.

Other social events are organised by the group throughout the year, these involve off road days, meals out, slow control days and bike safe days etc. See Group News and our Events Calendar for details.

The Training:

Your training will begin once you are assigned an observer, who will take you out on training sessions to bring you to test standard. It does involve commitment from yourself, since we all know that nothing worth having was won easily. By this, we mean that you give yourself enough time, probably 2 hours each fortnight to start with at the beginning of your training with your observer. Above and beyond this it is essential that you get out there and practice the techniques on your own or on the training rides organised by the group. With the training and the practice it usually takes between 3-4 months to get to test standard and is well worth the effort.

It is just common sense really, but it is an important element on the road to success. It is your responsibility to contact the observer, once you know who he or she is. Equally, our observers are committed to ensuring that you have the highest standard of training and will give you the time needed to attain test standard. Once your observer feels you are test ready you will have a check ride with one of our National observers who will confirm you are test ready.

The Costs:

As far as the cost of the training goes the Skills for Life training is £149. We believe that this represents excellent value for money as it involves taking riders forward at a steady pace that enables them to make a real impact on their riding skills from the moment they join the group.

A benefit of joining the WAM group unlike most other groups, we do no ask associates to make a contribution to their observer.

How Do I Join?

If you would like to train with WAM simply go to the IAM RoadSmart Website and purchase your Advanced Rider Course, during the process you will be asked for your preferred group, set this to 'Wolverhampton Advanced Motorcyclists'.

What happens next? - Shortly after the sign up process we will contact you to complete the paperwork and start making arrangements for you and your observer.

If you have any additional questions about the training programme, contact Membership Secretary (

Also take a look at our IAM Skill for Life page.

We look forward to hearing from you !

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